​The Art of Jon Gilbert

Upcoming Events

 I am an award winning artist currently tattooing at Katana Tattoo in Green Bay, WI.  I also tattoo at Slave to the Needle in Seattle, WA a few times throughout the year.  I was a resident artist for over five years at Slave, but i have returned to Wisconsin for my family.  
My tattoos focus on Black and Grey realism.  I love doing anything from portraits of loved ones, including the furry kind, to horror themed tattoos of zombies and other monsters.
Like my tattoos, my paintings range from portraits to monsters. I paint with different mediums so unlike my tattoos, there is color! You can click the Etsy link on the top or go to www.etsy.com/shop/theartofjongilbert if you would like to purchase any of my paintings or prints.
If you are interested in getting tattooed or comissioning a painting, you can email me at:
March 21-27:      I will be guest spotting at Slave to the Needle. 
2017                          Please contact me if you are interested in getting
                               some work done.

Februay 10-12:   Rick's 15th International Tattoo Convention
2017                             Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
                                    2040 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI 54304

                              I am currently taking appointments for this 
                              convention. I have a few spots left. Please 
                              contact me if you're interested.

January 1:           The release of  Slave to the Needle: 20 years of  2017                     Original Art From A Celebrated Seattle                                           Tattoo shop by Schiffer Publishing. I'm proud 
                             to be a part of this book, as it is filled with 
                             some amazing art from some amazing people. 
                             You can order your copy at Amazon.com.

November 1:       The release of Slithers and Scales of 
2016                        Inspiration. This is a book featuring  artists 
                              from around the world creating works of art 
                              focusing on themes of Reptiles, Amphibians,
                              Dragons, and Dinosaurs. You can order your 
                              copy at www.oosbooks.com